How to increase your presence on LinkedIn with SEO tips?

Tips For Marketing Yourself On LinkedIn

Most people do not put a lot of thought into their LinkedIn profile. However, if you want to use LinkedIn to promote your business or your services, you need to take the time to look into this. Fortunately, there are a number of different tips that you can use to ensure that you are promoting yourself on LinkedIn correctly and effectively.

Do Not Accept Every LinkedIn Invitation

A lot of people assume that if they have a lot of connections this will help their marketing. This is not actually true and you need to be careful when you choose who to connect with. Some of the people who send you an invitation are not people you actually want on your network.

Before you accept an invite, you should review the person’s profile. This will give you the chance to see what that person does and if they will add value to your network. Doing this will ensure that all the connections you have are relevant to your professional endeavors.

Be Involved

As you are taking the time to choose your connections, you need to stay in touch with them. This can easily be done by checking their status updates. Commenting on articles they write or their status will also help you stay in contact with them. This is important whether you are looking to build your network or stay in touch with past clients. When you interact with their profiles, you will constantly be on their minds.

Customize Your Public Profile URL

Your profile URL is important and you want it to be something that people will remember and for Search Engine Optimization. If your SEO URL is a bunch of random numbers, it will be much harder for people to remember, share and fine. You can easily create a custom URL for this UK SEO expert did. by going to your public profile and selecting the Create a Custom URL option on the screen.

The custom URL that you create should be one that will be easy to find. You also need to ensure that it relates to the reason why you are on LinkedIn. If you want to promote your business, include this in your custom URL. However, if you are promoting a service, you should also consider having this in the URL.

Complete Your Profile And Optimize It

There are a lot of people who choose to leave their profiles partially completed. This could be due to a range of different reasons, but it is something that you need to avoid. An incomplete profile is not professional and it will not help you market yourself on the platform. When people see incomplete profiles, they will generally move on or assume that you are not active on LinkedIn.

Once you have filled in the whole profile, you will need to ensure that it is optimized. Simply having a LinkedIn profile will not ensure that people are able to find you and this is why you need to optimize. To optimize your profile, you will need to add keywords that are relevant to your needs into the headline and summary of the profile.

Add Some Content

Content is important on any social platform and LinkedIn is no different. Adding content to LinkedIn will also show people that you understand your market and niche. Articles on LinkedIn are indexed by the search engines and will appear in the search results which increase your visibility and marketing.

You should also look at adding samples of your work to your profile. If you have your portfolio hosted on a different website, you will need to include a link to this. Links to GitHub are ideal for professionals in web development and coding.

SEO insite for 2017

SEO in 2017: Why Quality Content Is More Important Than Ever

There are two main reasons why quality content is set to become more important than ever before for effective SEO marketing strategies in 2017: advances in artificial intelligence and the introduction of more organized moderation by the biggest search engine operators.

Advances In Artificial Intelligence

Rank Brain is an AI program designed by Google to convert large portions of text into mathematical entities. The artificial intelligence behind the program is now very sophisticated and allows Google to more accurately assess the quality and relevance of written content in its full context on any website. The rating assigned to a webpage by Rank Brain is used by the search engine’s ranking algorithm to determine the page’s position on results pages. Pages with low quality content will now find it very difficult to rank at the top of SERPs for popular keywords.


Many predict that Google is likely to employ large teams of moderators in the future in order to ensure that they are abiding by new online regulations set out by large governments around the word. The governments in many countries are now threatening to block Google at the ISP level or impose large fines on the company if they fail to take steps to remove “offensive” websites from search results. It is likely that any website with poor quality content will also be deindexed if Google starts reviewing every page on a site manually.

In addition, it is now easier than ever before for individuals to report a website or article to Google for inaccuracy, irrelevance, offensiveness and/or poor quality. Don’t doubt for a second that your competitors will not abuse the report function to remove your website from results if it is full of poorly written, inaccurate content. Now is the time to invest in quality content.

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