Birmingham business transformation with SEO

How You Can Change Your Local Birmingham Business With A Year Of SEO

If you want to change your local business, you should look into SEO. Search engine optimization can help to boost your business and get more customers. If you want to change your local business, you should look into SEO.  SEO can help to boost your business and get more customers. A single year of SEO can completely change your local business and you need to know what this is.

Create A Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The first step in your year of SEO will be to create a strategy that you work with. Your SEO strategy will need to include a number of tasks that you complete through the year.  You also need to have goals that you can measure and track.  The goals should also be reasonable and clear because a vague goal is hard to measure and work toward.

When you are creating your strategy, you need to have dates for different tasks. Many of these tasks will need to be completed at the start of the year, but others can be staggered. It is important that you keep on track with your strategy and wait for your results to show.

Keyword Research

The first task in your strategy should be keyword research. All SEO will rely on good keyword research because this tells you what you potential customers are looking for. Focus on what potential customers would have type in Google to find your business example ” Birmingham lawyer” or “Birmingham services …”. When completing keyword research you should not simply look for the keywords with the highest search volumes. Keywords with high search volumes will not always result in a high ROI.

There are a number of tools that you can use to complete keyword research with some being free. When using these tools you should consider what the competition for the keyword will be and whether or not this is something your potential customers will be looking for.  The best way to do this is to consider what keywords you would use to find the Birmingham services that your business provides. It is also important to remember that your local keywords should have your location as well.

On-site Optimization

After keyword research, you need to look at your onsite optimization. There is no point in continuing with local SEO if your website has not been optimized to support the other tasks. To optimize your website, you will need to look at the HTML tags such as the title tag, the meta description, and the header tags. Include your location – Birmingham and your occupation in your title. You should also consider optimizing your images for the keywords that you have identified.

Your onsite optimization will also need to look at the content that you have on the site. All of your content should have keywords in them, but they need to be geared toward the reader and not the search engine. This means that the keywords should easily flow in the content, you need to avoid keyword stuffing and you should provide valuable information.

As you are looking at local Birmingham SEO, you should also include your NAP information on all of the pages of your website. NAP information will include your business name, address and phone number. The phone number that you list should be local to the area that you want to rank for. If you have more than one location, you should consider a landing page for each.

Optimizing Places Pages

Once you have your keywords and have optimized your website, you need to look at optimizing your places pages.  Places pages include Google My Business and Bing Places For Business. Hire professional like this Birmingham SEO agency. If you do not have a page with these local Birmingham services, you will need to create one. The accounts are free to open and will appear at the very top of the search engine results which makes them very valuable.

When creating the page, you need to complete the entire profile. You should also upload a number of pictures and videos of your business. The contact information that you provide should be identical to the NAP information on your website. A failure to match the NAP information will negatively impact your local rankings because the search engines are not able to verify that you are the same business.

There are many tasks which you need to include in your year-long local SEO strategy. Some of these tasks will need to be completed before others and you need to be able to measure the results.